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Every POS feature your business needs to run smoothly.

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Every POS feature your business needs to run smoothly.

POS Features to run your business

From Point of Sale and Payment Processing to Live Technical Support, ClearTEQ POS covers all the bases to ensure your business thrives.


Point of Sale

All-In-One POS

From advanced reporting to inventory control and payment processing, ClearTEQ is a complete retail solution. Spend less time managing your store and more time connecting with your customers.

Easy & Intuitive

ClearTEQ’s user-friendly design means you can make the most of ClearTEQ’s tools for efficiency and smart selling.


With all information updated in real-time, access product information and insights right away, not hours or days later.

Everything Securely Online

Quick and easy access to everything you need to securely manage sales and inventory from anywhere. Spend less time on backups and manual updates.


ClearTEQ moves with you – serve customers anywhere in your store, or out in the community.

Connect with Customers

Offer personalized customer service with easy to access customer profiles and purchase history.

Empowered Employees

With an intuitive design, employee training is quick and easy. Keep your team on track with security logins, audits, and discount reports.

Merchant Services

Fast & Secure

With a full point of sale and payment processing system, process sales quickly and avoid simple mistakes.


ClearTEQ Merchant Services offers straightforward rates with no hidden fees. Our great rates include clearTEQ POS software and technical support.


ClearTEQ’s customer-friendly checkout experience gives the flexibility to accept popular payment types practically anywhere.

Merchant Services

Products & Pricing


Product Management

Manage the details of the products in your store from one simple screen. Group products by category and department for sales and purchase tracking. Link products that are sold together (like deposits or fees) with the convenience of unlimited products.

Informed Pricing

With the knowledge of cost and target margin all on one screen, set prices with confidence. Group products together for bulk price edits.

No-Hassle Promotions

Create sale events in advance and easily set promotional prices using a discount percent or unique price for each item.

Shelf Labels

Print professional and accurate shelf labels for new products or promotions.

Inventory Control & Ordering


Advanced Inventory Management

Easily manage inventory and ordering across product types and categories with ClearTEQ’s real-time, all-in-one system.

Inventory Control

Take full control of your shop’s inventory with on-hand, on-order and cost of inventory snapshots and comprehensive reporting. Monitor and reconcile the sale of items with no inventory and make stock adjustments.

Simplified Purchase Orders

Have just the right amount of products in stock when customers are ready to buy. Create purchase orders based on customizable minimum and maximum on-hand quantities. Use low stock alerts to reorder inventory.

Robust Receiving

Track products received and reconcile by purchase order for accuracy. Add products, update vendor costs, target margins and retail costs all in one screen.

Vendor Management

Keep vendors details in one place, including minimum purchase quantities and amounts, option to order by case quantity and lead time.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting Designed for Retail

Real-time reports based on a customizable date range give the insights you need to run your business today and adjust for the future.


Have confidence in your business decisions with at-a-glance financial information and color-coded key performance indicators.

Product Performance Reports

Monitor trends by evaluating sales by department or category and identifying products with no sales or sold below cost.

Transaction & Sales Reports

Keep an eye on sales, refunds, discounts, taxes and more to ensure your business is running smoothly.

Inventory Reports

Manage inventory investment with real-time value analysis, quantity on hand, expected retail value, and purchase order details.

Profit Analysis Reports

Gain insights to the overall health of your business by viewing the profitability of products based on sales, margins, inventory value, turn rate and more.


Simplified Design

ClearTEQ’s intuitive design sets you up to offer customers a personalized experience. Quickly scan products or enter item codes using a touch screen or keyboard.

Quick Flip

Find and sell items quickly in a till screen organized with images of your most frequently sold products, heavy and hard to scan items and products without barcodes.

Customer & Transaction Lookup

Search customer purchase history and past transactions directly from the till.

Easy Returns

Trouble-free returns by item code or receipt lookup, with the option to return the product to inventory.

Coupons & Discounts

Accept manufacturer coupons and apply discounts to single items or an entire transaction.

Cash Accountability

Reduce errors with a record of cash paid in or paid out, and reason codes for cash drawer openings without a sale. Track lotto sales and payouts.

Customizable Taxes

Assign the taxes applicable to each product for your region. Switch taxes off for specific transactions.

Receipts Your Way

Customize receipts with your store’s logo. Offer customers the option of a printed receipt or to go paperless with an emailed receipt or no receipt.



Fully Integrated Payments

Speed up the checkout, reduce errors and conveniently accept all major credit and debit cards using the complete integration with ClearTEQ Merchant Services.

Flexible Payments

Customers can pay their way with contactless Apple and Android Pay, cash, cheque, or a customized method of payment created by you. Accept foreign currencies and set exchange rates.

Split Payments

Give customers the option to pay with multiple payment methods in one transaction.

Technical Services

Unlimited Support

Our industry-leading team is ready to answer all your questions by phone, email or live chat. Available Monday to Friday 7:00am – 6:00pm MST, excluding holidays.

Emergency Support

When you need help the most, our customer service technicians are available – no matter what time of day.

Help Center

Training videos and an in-program help system guides you through the software.

Getting Started

Get up and running quickly with bulk upload tools using product files from your current POS system or inventory supplier.
Technical Services


ClearTEQ is designed for selling in-store or anywhere your customers take you. Our all-in-one POS works with a variety of tablets and computers, scanners, and cash drawers. Along with our pin pads and receipt printers, ClearTEQ’s quick start bundle helps you get going right away.